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Public Policy

Policy Advocacy
Public policy is better when charities are at the table.

Imagine Canada is driving forward to create an environment where public policy is influenced by and supports the work of charities and nonprofits today.

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Policy Priorities

What happens in Ottawa has a major impact on charities and nonprofits. The federal government has committed to a renewed legal and regulatory regime for charities and nonprofits and committed to take action on issues important to your cause.
A "Home" in Federal Government

The Charities Directorate at the Canada Revenue Agency enforces the rules charities must follow in order to retain their status.


Giving and Philanthropy

While Canadians are generous, giving trends are very concerning across the country.

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A Federal Policy "Lens"

When federal government departments are proposing new policies, they are required to determine if there are specific impacts on small and medium enterprises, or differential impacts based on gender, Indigenous vs. non-Indigenous communities, rural vs. urban, official language communities, and other factors.


Financial Diversity

The Chief Economist for the Charitable and Nonprofit Sector has projected that, without policy changes to promote financial diversification, charities and nonprofits will within a decade face a $26 billion annual shortfall between demand for their services and the resources available to provide those services.


Grants and Contributions

Many charities and nonprofits deliver services on behalf of the federal government, and are compensated for doing so through grant and contribution agreements.


Sector Data

Statistics Canada has a mandate to provide a wide array of economic and social indicators in support of evidence-based policy-making.


2019 Pre-Budget submission
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