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Parliament Hill
Federal Elections 2019
Everything charities need to know this election season

We're asking political parties to put the charitable sector high on their agenda and we want you to add your voice by sending an e-mail to your MP.

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This is a BETA of the new Imagine Canada website. Please have a look around and let us know what you think!

Charity Accreditation
Strengthen your organization. Showcase your excellence.
Caring Companies
Celebrating community investment leadership in Canada.
Grant Connect
Access thousands of funding opportunities. Save research time.
Partners in Change
Join a diverse network of organizations and individuals that advocate for stronger charities
Subscribe to Early Alert for updates about government policy activities shaping the charitable sector
Public Policy Advocacy
Imagine Canada advocates for strong public policy to support the charitable sector
30 Years Of Giving In Canada
Featured Resource

30 Years of Giving in Canada

Take an in-depth look at the giving behaviour of Canadians in this new report – who gives, how and why – and how these trends are re-shaping the future of philanthropy in Canada.

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