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We invite you to subscribe using the form below. We currently accept payment via credit card for all plans (Visa and Mastercard) or cheque for 1-year and 3-year plans.  

If your charity’s annual revenues are:
-Less than $500K, select from the “Small charity” plan options below
-Between $500K and  $5M, select from the “Mid-sized charity” plan options below
-Greater than $5M, click here to access our regular pricing for Grant Connect subscriptions

(Not sure what your annual revenues are? Find your most recent T3010 using the CRA’s Charity Listings Search, then watch our short video showing where to find 'total annual revenue' on your T3010.)

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Grant Connect
Search thousands of grant opportunities. Save countless research hours.

Making fundraising more efficient


Get the best prospects

Search comprehensive data managed by expert fundraisers who know what you need. You'll know what to ask, how much to ask for, and even how to position your ask for success.

Every moment counts

Access up-to-date information on all Canadian grantmakers. Whether on-the-go to a donor meeting or on a last-minute call, mobile capacity lets you make the most of your time.

Drive goals forward

Keep your work on track and your team on the same page. Let Grant Connect help you manage deadlines and stay organized so you can focus on polishing your grant application.



For Advanced Research

From $138/month*

  • Thousands of funders
  • Pipeline Management
  • Significant discount for 3 year plan
  • 20 users
  • 35+ years of grant history

*depending on length of commitment


For Every Fundraiser

From $33/month*

  • Thousands of funders
  • Pipeline Management
  • Significant discount for 3 year plan
  • 2 users
  • 5 years of grant history

*depending on length of commitment, charity size

Charity Discounts

Does your charity or nonprofit have annual revenues under $5 million?

You could save up to $2,200 on the cost of a 3-year Grant Connect Essential plan!

Identify connections

See how your extended network is connected to each of your funding prospects.

Search and filter

Zero in on what you're looking for fast, targeting by gift size, deadline, type of support and more.

View detailed profiles

Insights on specific grant programs, application preferences, financial summaries and even key decision makers.

Analyze gift history

Search Billions of dollars in past donations, categorized by size, cause, population and region.


Grant Connect gives me the information I need so I can ask the right questions and make a personal impression. This helps me to stand out in a sea of requests and, ultimately, succeed in securing funding. You only have so many arrows in your quiver and you want them to hit the bullseye without wasting time, effort and money. I would definitely recommend Grant Connect to any organization that wants to take the guesswork out of seeking funding.

– Paul Evered, Senior Giving Officer at Operation Smile Canada

Grant Connect is phenomenal! It's a really easy to use and comprehensive service.

– Ian Michael Smith, Canadian Cancer Society

The data is reliable and the interface is easy to use. Beyond that, I know I can rely on the fact that the Grant Connect team has checked and re-checked information, including what's necessary and interpreting what's obscure - and they respond so quickly if I need help or guidance. Other tools I have used in the past do not have the same depth of information and understanding of fundraising as Grant Connect.

– Margot Porter, Director of Development, JUMP Math

Grant Connect helps over 1,000 non-profits find funding
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