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COVID-19 and the Charitable Sector Landing Page

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COVID-19 and the Canadian Nonprofit Sector
Managing through and building resilience during the outbreak

Charities and nonprofits are on the front lines of dealing with the current COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, and we at Imagine Canada are dedicated to supporting you as the situation evolves, and advocating for support from the federal government 

Keeping your nonprofit on track

Nonprofit organizations across Canada and around the world are rapidly adapting to the coronavirus. The situation is evolving by the hour with a dramatically increasing impact on individuals, organizations, governments and the economy. During this time it is important that we work together as a sector, sharing resources and advice, and keeping spirits up during this time of isolation. As the situation evolves we will share new resources and updates on our social media channels and on this page.
Federal Government
Relief measures for the sector

The sector has been advocating for relief measures to help charities and nonprofits weather COVID-19, and we're starting to see results. We've created a summary of Federal Government COVID-19 programs that apply to the sector, and will regularly update it as more programs are announced.

Early Alert
The Latest Government Updates

Each week, we're curating parliamentary updates and sector advocacy news that affects the sector, including government announcements related to COVID-19 economic relief for charities and nonprofit organizations, and any new data, reports, and stories that keep you informed as the crisis unfolds.

Our Preparations

We are implementing a number of business continuity steps organization-wide, as well as taking any relevant additional steps to secure the services that you rely upon

Grant Connect Access

We are ensuring small charitable organizations continue to have access to Grant Connect’s Community Edition, despite the closure of libraries and resource centres across Canada

Messages to Government

Request for $8 Billion Emergency Fund

We sent a letter to the government requesting significant measures that will assist charities and nonprofits. Access the letter, see who has endorsed it, and browse quotes about the effects of the crisis on sector organizations here. 

Sector Letters to Government

We're proud to support the advocacy efforts of the charities, nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises on the frontlines of COVID-19

Nonprofit Resources

Sector Support
COVID-19 Resources for Canadian Fundraisers

Our team has compiled an evolving and comprehensive list of articles, resources, upcoming digital events, and guides to assist fundraisers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Press Release
COVID-19 threatens to devastate Canada’s charities

Charities face billions in lost revenue, drastic service disruption to essential community services and massive layoffs disproportionally impacting women. A worst-case scenario involving six months of enforced isolation, and the more severe economic downturn that would result, means the sector is projected to lose $15.6 billion in revenue and about 194,000 employees.

Endorse our request for an $8 Billion Emergency Fund

If you want to endorse the letter and/or share a quote with us about how the crisis is affecting your organization, contact us.
Collective action in the nonprofit sector is more important than ever

We need your help to ensure the sector emerges strong from the COVID-19 crisis. By becoming an Imagine Canada supporter, your donation of $15/month would help to strengthen our advocacy and research efforts, helping us to raise our voice for the sector. We're currently focused on fighting for significant funding to be made available to charities—many of which are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak—to avoid a financial crisis that would jeopardize the charitable and nonprofit sector in Canada. Your support today will allow us to increase our advocacy efforts to ensure that our sector can continue to serve the people and communities you care about most.