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Going Digital: A How-to Workshop with AWS on June 28

Going Digital: A How-to Workshop with AWS on June 28





Across Canada, charities and nonprofits are moving to the cloud. They’re hosting their data and delivering services over the web, instead of on servers in their offices. The benefits are clear: organizations become more data-driven, keep their data safer, and reduce their IT costs. 

But how does an organization get started in the cloud? How long will this process take? And what if my organization is small, or if we just don’t have a large IT team? 

Join Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Imagine Canada for AWS DigiNPO, a 4 hour no-cost workshop that answers these questions and more. Designed specifically for Canadian charities and nonprofits, AWS DigiNPO will help your organization learn:

  • How the cloud can help you deliver more community-centric services
  • How you can get started with—or accelerate—cloud transformation in your organization
  • How to plan and budget for a migration to the cloud

You'll also hear directly from a Canadian nonprofit that moved its data hosting to the AWS cloud.  

This workshop takes place on Monday June 28, 2021 and is offered at two times: 8am to 12pm ET or 1pm to 5pm ET

This course is a perfect fit for:

  • non-technical staff and IT specialists
  • nonprofits and charities
  • small and large organizations

The curriculum will be delivered by AWS instructors who are responsible for training public sector stakeholders on the cloud and its ability to help organizations transform themselves and become digital leaders in the sector.